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On my way towards the Copy Editor badge I've been fixing quite a lot of typos recently. Some of them are rather obvious, i.e. desing to design and paramter to parameter.

It has occured to me that an easy way of fixing a number of typos exactly in the same way would be useful. For example, I could ask the site to replace all desing by design, at least, in question titles; get a list of results (proposed changes); and manually accept each of them with a "Confirm change" button.

This would accelerate a process that would be dangerous if done in a totally automated way, but that with an easy manual confirmation step, would add value to the site in a fast way.

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We don't want edits to be a single typo like that, and we really don't want it make it so easy to fix a single typo without scouring the post to see what else needs fixing first. If you really want to fix all instances of a typo, search for it. But look through the post and find other things to correct while you're there.

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Indeed. Some typos are often an indicator that there are other items that could be cleaned up. – jadarnel27 Dec 15 '11 at 21:31
I find that a post that has one less typo represents an improvement, even if there were other typos. – Tshepang Jun 8 '14 at 19:38

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