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How about a self refreshing notification area with a beep soud?

When I'm very active in other sites, testing or researching to solve questions, I miss some notifications from the network (I have questions and answers in more than 1 site).

I think its considerable to have notifications self updating at a 1 or 2 minutes rate and play a sound if there're some new notifications. With a setting to enable this feature for the one's that require it, of course.

Something like Facebook implemented a time ago would, but with na opt-in option as I've said above.

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Use the StackExchange API and then show us how cool it is, sound beeping would annoy me, task bar notification maybe not so much.

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Lets see if there're some people that think it's a good idea. Anyway, that was the reason I've stated a setting to ENABLE this feature for those who may want. –  rcdmk Dec 18 '11 at 0:39
I would very much like a sound notification because I always interrupt my programming to come in and check for new answers. If there was a sound notification I would be programming peacefully knowing that I will not miss anything and not have to check every 5 minutes :) –  J. K. Feb 16 at 15:38
I know this is a bit old, but saing "Do it yourself" wont help new ideas to come. Besides, the suggestion included an opt-in feature. –  rcdmk Feb 19 at 12:27
@rcdmk Dont get me wrong, I too welcome MSO getting new feature requests and people submitting their idea's. I wanted my answer to encourage you to show us how cool the concept would be by referring you to the API. Also I didn't downvote the you. I was mearly saying this can be done using the API. Who knows the you could make a tiny bit of cash doing it. –  Jeremy Thompson Feb 19 at 13:05
@JeremyThompson If it's that so I've got you wrong. Not a problem, man. Sorry. –  rcdmk Feb 19 at 18:48

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