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I just had my old and new Stackoverflow accounts merged recently. Before having them merged, I associated my new account with all the other sites. I went and looked today and found that after the merge I was no longer associated. I clicked on the associate button and was awarded 100 points, again, as I had not associated my old account with anything. I believe this was because of the difference in User IDs.

I'm guessing this will be erased on the next rep recalculation. Am I right?

Otherwise, just reporting a bug.

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The bug about merge / re-associate I'll leave for Jeff et al.

I've just done a rep recalc on you SO and MSO accounts, and in both cases you gained 2 or 3 points (usually down to downvotes against deleted users/posts).

So no: you won't lose any points in the next rep recalc, unless the code changes.

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If you're rep gets recalced you would likely lose the bonus from both. I have heard in the past that people got recalced and lost their association bonus, so I would imagine it would be double for you?

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Oh great... – Tyler Carter Aug 2 '09 at 2:59
I don't think recalc loses the bonus unless there is a problem on the accounts... – Marc Gravell Aug 2 '09 at 7:15

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