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Is there a way I can do a search, without typing "Objective C" each time, and make it my default area? I don't care about C, C++, Android, PHP, etc. (at this point in my life).

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Yes, you can do it by using the objective-c tag. – Pablo Santa Cruz Dec 24 '11 at 21:16
However, be aware that only a fraction of the questions that actually involve Objective-C are tagged as such. You may need to look to [cocoa] for Mac development and [iphone] or [ios] to catch the vast majority of iOS questions. – Brad Larson Dec 26 '11 at 18:58

Sure, bookmark the URL, here is one that should do what you want:

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Type [objc] into the search box. is a synonym for , and the bare tag search will take you to, sort of the "home page" for questions tagged .

If you have a facility allowing some kind of custom search shortcut to be defined (my browser, OmniWeb, has this built-in), you can make e.g., so $arg perform a Stack Overflow search. Then so [objc] will take you to that page.

You can also make one of your "favorites", giving you one-click access in the sidebar from almost any page.

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