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I opened a question on Stack Overflow and i received a few comments which now are meaningless.

I didn't explain my question very well and now i hope it's understandable.

Can you delete the other users' comments?

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A moderator can clean up old, obsolete or rude comments for you; simply flag the comments which you think should be removed, or flag your question if the entire comment thread consists of e-drama. Posting on meta, while valid, is often less effective; the mod queue is the best way to get to us for help.

Anyway, I've cleaned up the comments for you. I still think one of them applies though:

What have you tried so far?

Consider adding even more information. For example, you state that you've tried the CannyEdgeDetector; how have you tried it? Perhaps including some code that you've written will better facilitate our helping you with your problem, as it'll give us a starting point to work with.

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