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I answer a lot of questions on a particular topic, but that topic has relatively low views. A question came up today that has an exact duplicate that I have highlighted as such. However, due to the low view count on the topic, it is unlikely to ever get closed.

Should I flag this to moderators to help get it closed, or should I just ignore it and let it live on?

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You should flag it as Doesn't Belong here -> Exact Duplicate of and paste the URL.

enter image description here

That'll raise a flag which will be visible to Moderators & 10k+ users who, if they agree, can vote to close it as well.

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You should stop worrying and love dupes. I wouldn't bother unless they are exact exact duplicates. Not "they're kinda the same" or "they appear to be somewhat related" but "this idiot just reposted that question" kind of dupes.

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yep, it is an exact duplicate, so I will do as @sathya says – Codemwnci Dec 28 '11 at 13:06

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