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Yesterday, I posted an answer on Stack Overflow that as evidenced in the chain of comments, and restated in How can we make angle brackets more intuitive? due to the angle brackets getting eaten, myself and others were answering based on flawed evidence. After this was pointed out, a very authoritative answer was provided and I edited my answer to be the original text struck out with a note that I had been corrected by someone else. Today, I see that my answer has been re-edited to no longer be struck out and my note that I was wrong has been removed. So, now it looks like I answered incorrectly and just ignored it. I'd rather indicate that my original answer was incorrect and that I'm deferring to a better answer than to just leave my incorrect answer sitting there.

  • Why was my edit undone?
  • What should I have done instead?

Edit: Just FYI, I did search on both Stack Overflow and here on meta for related posts and didn't see any. Apologies in advance if I missed a related question.

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  1. Answers crossed <strike> are definitely not useful. That's why your answer was rolled back.
  2. What should you do / have done?

    • Delete your answer by using the Delete answer link, at the bottom of your answer
      Since another excellent answer was already given, this option would be the best choice, in this case. (or)
    • Improve your answer by correcting the mistake.
    • Extend the post with a warning that the answer is incorrect, with a number of reasons if the mistake is subtle. For example, a frequently made mistake can be pointed out in the answer, so that future readers do not make the same mistake.
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