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Suggestion: If you have earned 200 rep one day and give away 50 in a bounty, you should be then able to earn those 50 rep points "back" that day. No?

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Not a good idea - it would have many side effects:

  • Bounties are supposed to "hurt" - you invest something in order to get some engagement. The possibility to earn those points back would mitigate that.

  • For high rep users, this would mean that they could start a bounty every day just using their surplus rep that they "make" beyond the 200 cap. This would be terribly unfair to other users.

  • The reputation cap is designed as a means to stop people from spending too much time on the network. The possibility to circumvent it this way would undermine that (IMO very sensible) mechanism.

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I think I agree after all. – Christian Jonassen Jan 1 '12 at 22:20

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