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I think it would be nice if users from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ could comment to posts using their accounts.

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Commenting on any posts is a privilege that only users with a reputation of at least 50 (on Stack Overflow) have.
If users with a social network account (and without a Stack Exchange account) could comment on any answer, it would mean that the minimum reputation required to post a comment on any post would be lowered to 1. I don't think it is a good thing; we don't need to increase the number of comments, even from users that are not involved in a Stack Exchange site.

If you are referring to users with a Stack Exchange site, and an account on a social network, I don't see the reason why they should use that account, instead of the Stack Exchange account they already have.

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Users can already login with a Google, Yahoo, Facebook ond many other openID accounts. Doing so will create a new Stack Exchange account linked to your openID.

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