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Is there a way to link a previously asked question in other stack-exchange sites, which can be re-asked in yet another stack-exchange site?

For example, I have asked a question in Super User and after waiting for say one month of unfruitful time, no one answers the question. Now I want to ask the same question to Stack Exchange's community.

Is there a way to do that easily, except form manually copy pasting the entire question?

If not! I believe, we need such a method, so as to have a cross collaboration.

I know that migration is possible. But that needs moderator. "I" as the questioner, cannot do that on my own.

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I think it's a good thing that the questioner cannot do that. Oh, the horror if they were allowed to! – Lorem Ipsum Jan 4 '12 at 6:16

You're right that you can't migrate on your own, but you can request that a question be migrated if it would be better on another site by just flagging it for mod attention. If it's already right on the site it's on they probably won't move it though, and you can't ask questions on; that page is just showing hot questions from all the sites on the network, it doesn't actually host any itself:

Screenshot highlighting the source sites

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I don't think that this is a good idea. If your question is unanswered on Super User, then you could place a bounty on it. If it's a really good unanswered question, someone else might place a bounty on it.

The highest density of Stack Exchangers interested in Super User-related questions will be on Super User. Moving it somewhere else (unless it is really applicable in both places) will probably make it off-topic.

Migration is for when something is off-topic in its original location of posting, but would be on-topic elsewhere, not the other way around.

In short, if the question belongs on Super User, there's no point in moving it somewhere else.

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there are topics which straddles the boundry of multiple stackexchange sites. – Vineet Menon Jan 4 '12 at 6:20
@VineetMenon Yes, but allowing users this functionality would most likely result in a bunch of unnecessary migrations. – please delete me Jan 4 '12 at 6:25

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