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I have a problem with my printer and my mac and adobe illustrator. Which Stack Exchange website would I use for this? Is there a Stack Exchange website I would use for this?

Adobe Illustrator's colours change when they are printed with my hp printer but not with any other printer or any other program.

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What kind of a problem is it? –  Pëkka Jan 7 '12 at 11:14
@TheP.G.RepMiningCo. have edited it. –  gadgetmo Jan 7 '12 at 11:16

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No guarantees, but in this specific case, you could try on http://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com. I know there are people there with very thorough professional printing experience.

Other than that, generally, I think this falls inside Super User's scope as well.

Wherever you post, make sure you add as much detail as possible - what kind of image you are trying to print, what the colour differences look like, what printer driver you are using...

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Super User would be appropriate for your question as is reflected by http://superuser.com/faq#questions

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