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Are support questions that involve Third-Party components allowed?

I just deleted a post, thinking I should ask this question first, in which I asked something like:

AutoPager (Chrome) plugin not showing Subscribed Tag highlight on any page past the first...

Screenshot enter image description here

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 and have tested with the latest Chrome and Chromium.

It does, however, work on Firefox 3.6.24

I plan on contacting the AutoPager developer and Tim Banks who created the AutoPager Rule for stackoverflow.com

Would a question like this be acceptable on meta?

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2 Answers

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As it's about software use, not software programming, I'd say they don't belong on SO period. As Robert Harvey points out, "if it's a bug or feature request for Stack Overflow proper, it belongs here," meaning on Meta [it appears he interpreted this as asking whether it belongs on Meta, and I interpreted it as SO]. If you phrase it as asking for a workaround, it may be on-topic on another site, perhaps Superuser. Otherwise, it probably doesn't belong on the SE network at all.

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Understandable. I will go ahead and contact the author. And, I did mean here on Meta. –  TryTryAgain Jan 8 '12 at 2:17
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If it's a bug or feature request for Stack Overflow proper, it belongs here, regardless of whether or not a third-party component is involved.

If you want support for a third-party component that Stack Overflow happens to use, you might be better off contacting the author of the third-party component.

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