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There seem to be a lot of cases where, for a given design pattern, there's both and :

  1. and
  2. and
  3. and
  4. and
  5. and
  6. and (latter not always the command pattern, but Thinking About Using Command Design Pattern is, so it's an ambiguous tag that needs attention anyway)
  7. and (latter not always about the pattern, but Specification Pattern and Performance is, so it's an ambiguous tag that needs attention anyway)
  8. and
  9. and
  10. and lots more, including and

Though there are tags where there isn't duplication, because it isn't a design pattern, such as .

The tags either ought to be merged, or the difference between the two documented. For example " is about the foo library, not about the foo pattern, which is ."

I asked about versus in Difference between the observer and observer-pattern tags? .

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