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The highlighting for SQL code blocks doesn't appear to recognize the keyword 'output'. Please see Showing column twice in a query, second time showing data post update/set for an example. Note that 'output' in the code block isn't colored blue like the other SQL keywords.

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As is usually the case for issues related to syntax highlighting here, you'll need to take this up with the Prettify project, which Stack Exchange uses for its code highlighting purposes.

In particular, this file would need to be updated to include the OUTPUT keyword. I'd argue that a keyword specific to T-SQL shouldn't be part of the generic SQL highlighter anyway, but there's plenty of dialect-specific keywords in that list already, so it's most likely that it was just overlooked.

You might be able to leave a comment on this answer as an alternate route to getting it fixed, as Mike Samuel is the owner of the project.

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Thank-you, I didn't realize this was a common thing (I only did a cursory search before posting). Will see what I can do. – Codingo Jan 9 '12 at 6:23

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