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As Shadow Wizard pointed out on his answer to another question, it seems like a <2k rep user was able to improve a suggested edit by simply retaging the question. The suggested edit shows up as accepted by Community and has the same timestamp as the retag.

As we all know, only people with edit privileges should be allowed to approve/improve/reject suggested edits...but it seems like retags from <2k rep users do improve suggested edits.

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Note that OP can also "approve" suggested edit without knowing about it. example (see second and third revisions) – Shadow Wizard Jan 9 '12 at 12:46
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Yes, there were a few little glitches there.

  1. If you clicked "retag" and in the mean time somebody already submitted a suggested edit, we showed you a 404. (changed it to display a simple message)

  2. If you got to the retag screen, then someone submitted an edit and finally you did your retag, you would push the edit through. (fixed)

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