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Sometimes a question that I answered is deleted. I know that I can find the deleted question and see my answer if I had saved question's URL or marked question as a favorite, but sure I have no reason to do it beforehand because I don't know which question will be deleted.

Is it possible to find deleted questions that I answered?

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Not easily. You can try checking the Google-cached version of your profile to see if the answer is still linked there, or pull it from SEDE if it made it into the previous data dump. If you're desperate you can ask a moderator to check for you (they can see deleted answers on a user's profile page)

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Probably the question was not deleted but made community wiki. I notice (ex in manually recalculated reputation) that something related to my answers happened, but don't know what. – Serg Jan 15 '12 at 9:31

If your answer got any comment, you might find it in your global Inbox.

From what I remember, it keep comments on deleted posts but it might been "fixed" since.

Otherwise Michael answer pretty much covers everything else.

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