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I am frequently using readable links, e.g.:

[James Gosling], working at [Sun] by that time, written the [`URL`] class.

[James Gosling]:

Both "James Gosling" and "Sun" links are properly resolved (note that the link is actually named "sun"). However the "URL" is not because of the extra backticks - and I use such combination of backticks and links often when referring to external code documentation. Obviously I can do:


but it would be nice if SO engine could strip these extra characters automatically.

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As an aside: other formatting such as emphasis is supported, but then needs that formatting in both the text and its reference. Like [James **Gosling**] working at [_Sun_] together with [james **gosling**]: and [_sun_]: works fine. (Though one could argue if the need to repeat formatting in the reference is to be expected.) But not so much for the backticks. – Arjan Jan 15 '12 at 14:13

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