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See this answer from lockstep to a question of mine. Should "triad" badges such as Announcer/Booster/Publicist scale in such a way that the number of awarded Bronze# / Silver# is even with Silver# / Golden#?

As in his words:

Right now, 4003 Announcer badges, 186 Booster badges and 93 Publicist badges have been awarded at SO. That is, the ratio of Announcer to Booster is about 1 to 21.5, while for Booster to Publicist it's only (exactly) 1 to 2.

What he says is true. Should a re-calculation of the badge's requirements be made to even it up?

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I don't think so. From the badges page:

Gold Badges are rare. You’ll have to actively work toward these. They’re something of an accomplishment!

On the other end:

Bronze badges are awarded for basic use of Meta Stack Overflow. They are easy to earn.

The current ratios are consistent with these descriptions.

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I think his point was that silver is just about as hard to earn as the gold badge... – Lorem Ipsum Jan 17 '12 at 0:49
My point is indeed as @yoda says: for example, a good ratio could be from 5:1 upward, so 500 bronze, 100 silver and 20 gold for 5:1; 1000 bronze, 100 silver and 10 gold for 10:1. Such examples look like they would reflect the descriptions better. – Camilo Martin Jan 17 '12 at 16:56

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