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Why is the like operator case sensitive in data explorer? Which database is being used on the backend? Sql Server's like operator was case insensitive the last time I checked.

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I believe it just depends on the default collation in use. You ought to be able to change it with the COLLATE clause, but I don't have the syntax right, or know the valid collations with out looking them up.

I have now located a query to retrieve the available collations.

And I did have the syntax right, now updated to show the variation.

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Its like @MarkHurd said, it depends on the collation of the database, if its case sensitive, then comparisons like = or LIKE are gonna be case sensitive. You can do a query and force a collation that is case insensitive. Something like this:

FROM Posts
WHERE Body LIKE '%something%' COLLATE Modern_Spanish_CI_AS
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