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Since flag weight was removed there remains a dagger (†) to mark a footnote for disputed flags in the flagging history:

Flagging history on Stack Overflow

I understand this as a bug. Either the dagger marking a footnote should be removed or the footnote should be added. It is only confusing to mark a footnote but include a footnote. The user will wonder what the dagger means.

Here are further examples to show that it is confusing:

Flagging history on TeX.SX

Flagging history on Ask Ubuntu

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@Mr.Disappointment As a web developer I'm used to people crying wolf for something being a couple of pixels off. :) Other than that, wish granted. I think it was the shouting that did the trick :P – Yannis Jan 20 '12 at 10:56
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Fixed in trunk, will be deployed next round.

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