The My Money for Jam query has a column called Post Link.

When I download the csv, that column only has a curly brace in it...

link post column in excel sheet

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1 Answer

Make the row taller.

The actual CSV looks like:

Post Link,Passive Rep Per Day,Passive Rep,Passive Up Reputation,Passive Down Reputation,Days Counted
  ""title"": ""some title"",
  ""id"": some_id

That is, the value in each first column cell has a { immediately followed by a newline. So in Excel, with standard row height, you only see the {.

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Thank you, @Aakashm, I hadn't thought if that. I looked at the row in the input area, and saw that there, too, there was only a curly brace. Apparently it has an enter after it, and that's why the rest of the content wasn't showing. Maybe the enter should be emitted when exporting to csv... –  Lea Cohen Jan 23 '12 at 9:10
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