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The tag was created a year ago in a misguided attempt to "tag questions that ask us to find a bug".

It's a pure meta tag and should not exist. The questions are not related and it can not stand alone.

There are about 200 questions with the tag right now, which is way above my threshold for stealth retagging. Unless there is opposition, and unless someone gets to it before I do, I'm going to get this party started tomorrow.

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Many of the questions relate to FindBugs. How else would one tag them? – Shawn Chin Jan 24 '12 at 7:23
Derp, I'm an idiot. – Charles Jan 24 '12 at 13:46
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Taking a quick poke through the questions it seems that the majority of questions actually relate to FindBugs, as mentioned by Shawn Chin. That's also what the tags summary mentions: .

Therefore it's not a meta-tag, but a concrete tool-related tag.

If it's used anywhere to actually mean "find my bugs", then that's an error.

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Many of the questions seem to be referring to FindBugs.

IMHO, the tag is legit and we just need to clean up (or close) questions that misuse it to request a bug search. SO is not a crowdsource debugger.

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