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I would like to add more blogs to my reading list and since there are so many brilliant people writing answers on the Stack Exchange sites I figure a fraction of them might also write excellent blogs. However, going through users by reputation, new etc., clicking their website link (if any) is not very convenient.

What I search for is something that allows me to:

  • filter users that have a website (if possible detect if its a blog)
  • filter users by tags and stack exchange site [python]{stackoverflow}
  • order users by different criteria (votes, related tags)
  • let me go to their website without going into their profile

Is there such a service?

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Not what you are asking for but there is which hosts blogs for Stack Exchange communities. – N.N. Jan 26 '12 at 12:37

I think your question actually belongs to stackapps. Using the SE API v2.0 you can get a list of users and look at each user object.

Those user objects hold among other fields, the website_url.

I can't help you get the entire application done but I can point you towards the right direction which I think it the SE API.

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Thanks, was hoping to find an existing solution but will update if i throw something together =) – ib.lundgren Jan 26 '12 at 13:39

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