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I'm assuming that whatever mail server the account uses subaddressing of the sort that guarantees mail sent to gets to the team mailbox. If a SE employee could confirm one way or the other, I'd appreciate it. The rest of this question depends on that assumption.

Each SE site's Community user has listed as its e-mail address, so has the default pale-blue gravatar associated with that address. Individual sites may wish to personalize their Community user's gravatar. This is possible if (a) the e-mail address used is particular to that site, which is possible by means of subaddressing as or whatever, and (b) the site mods are granted access to's account for that subaddress. (How each site's mods decide on an gravatar can be decided by them locally.)

That's my proposal.

I recognize that choosing an avatar for Community is very low priority; on the other hand, it's fairly easy.

(I see that this was proposed in comments to but never in a question.)

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This is now irrelevant because of – Double AA Jul 10 '13 at 8:57

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