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This was brought up a few months ago, but the cleanup that was performed then has deteriorated.

There are three -- count'em, three -- tags for Apple Push Notifications:

  1. , 430 questions
  2. , 346 questions
  3. , 58 questions

From the previous question, can also be an Android term. The previous question suggested using , but there are no questions with that tag right now.


should either be merged into or become a synonym of it, with the more verbose tag being the master.

is a bit sticker. Should it simply go away and then try to rely on the New Tag Deletionist Cabal to keep it away? Or should it become a synonym of , relying on Android users to notice ?

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I have never, ever heard of "apn" being used to refer to Apple Push Notifications. I've only seen [apns]. Also, access point names aren't an Android thing. – BoltClock's a Unicorn Jan 28 '12 at 5:46
The tag wiki and common use disagree. Wait, why am I defending a tag wiki? People never pay attention to them when tagging their questions... – Charles Jan 28 '12 at 5:48
[apns] = [a] [p]ain [n] a[s]s – Kermit May 1 '13 at 17:35

Looking at , my suggestion would be to make that a synonym for the more descriptive . If there's a possible alternate use for , given the lower number of questions there, I'd just retag things. Also, you could leave a note in the tag wiki summary for [apn] directing people to use [apple-push-notifications] if they are referring to Apple's technology.

For example, there's the tag, an Apple technology that many abbreviate to ARC, but can mean other things. Therefore, I edited the [arc] tag wiki summary to note that it was not to be used for automatic reference counting questions, and pointed people to [automatic-ref-counting]. That has significantly reduced the use of the [arc] tag, and I just retag the remaining questions that slip through. That seems to work reasonably well.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough upvotes in the [apple-push-notifications] tag to even suggest [apns] as a synonym, and getting others to vote on it might be tricky. This could be a job for the moderators.

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As nobody is using I think we should not force users to use it, let them use instead, as they are currently using. The reason is "Apple Push Notifications" is not abbreviated as "apn", but "Access Point Name" is.

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Given that apn currently says it's for Apple Push Notifications, and also given that nobody reads tag wikis when creating their questions, how do you propose to dissuade people from using apn when they mean Apple Push Notifications? – Charles Jan 28 '12 at 19:07

Based on the discussion here and in the question linked by the OP, I did the following :

  1. changed tags of all Apple Push Notifications question that used to .

  2. Suggested as a synonym to (needs votes to be approved).

  3. Edited the tag wiki (my edit is pending approval).

Now there are 40 questions tagged , all of them about Access Point Name.

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