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This thing is just a nuisance, I've been contemplating installing adblock so I can just remove it every time.

Can we get rid of this box, or at the least, design it in a way that does not cover the top menu bar? Or perhaps make the dismissal target area larger?

enter image description here

That is all.

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I can't up-vote because of the lack of freehand circles. –  Octavian Damiean Jan 31 '12 at 14:33
"Click here to remove the notification bar" - seems pretty self explanatory =) Also, this doesn't show every time you enter the chat page, does it? –  jadarnel27 Jan 31 '12 at 14:47
@jadarnel27 It seems to at least show when it's unnecessary (like, when you're already logged in, and have more than 20 rep, and have been to chat before...) –  Tim Stone Jan 31 '12 at 14:50
@jadarnel27 Yes. Every time I log into the network I see the bar on each of the chat sites. If I dismiss the bar it is removed until I log out and back in again. –  Incognito Jan 31 '12 at 14:50
@TimStone That makes sense. It does seem a little odd (especially the 20 rep part). –  jadarnel27 Jan 31 '12 at 15:07
@jadarnel27 It appears to be related to the domain. For instance: I have to dismiss after login for chat.stackexchange, chat.stackoverflow, and chat.meta.stackoverflow. –  Incognito Jan 31 '12 at 15:10
@TheUnicornWhisperer Hope the new screenshot clears up any confusion. –  Incognito Jan 31 '12 at 15:18
That is not really a freehand circle but I approve of this because of the nice unobtrusive arrows. –  Octavian Damiean Jan 31 '12 at 15:20
Any reason this hasn't been fixed? As a >20 rep user, it's pretty annoying to still get this notification. –  Trojan Jan 13 '14 at 5:42

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