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Searching for tags (ie, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/java%20-android%20-spring%20-hibernate%20-java-ee%20-c%2b%2b%20-c%23 ) leads to a broken RSS link (ie, the RSS link for the aforementioned search as linked from the RSS icon in my Opera address bar is http://stackoverflow.com/feeds/tag/java+-android+-spring+-hibernate+-java-ee+-c%2b%2b+-c%23 ) which may or may not return a 404 depending on which/how many tags are listed in the URL.

How can I get an RSS feed which filters by more than a few tags?

Why does a URL return a 404 depending on the tags?

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Looks like the link in the header (meta-data intended for the browser to use for sussing out things like feeds) has the wrong (broken) URL.

 <link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" 
       title="Feed of questions tagged java -android -spring -hibernate -java-ee -c++ -c#" 
       href="/feeds/tag/java+-android+-spring+-hibernate+-java-ee+-c%2b%2b+-c%23" />

Fortunately, the link actually displayed on the page has the right URL:

The feed link, as it appears on the page


So... Until this is fixed, use the link on the page instead of the one your browser exposes.

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Thanks! I didn't even think to check for an alternate. –  user178219 Feb 17 '12 at 5:57

This has been fixed and will be deployed in rev 1903 (meta) and rev 1336 (network).

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