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I'm a heavy user of Instapaper and I would like to import my favorite articles into my Article & Blogs reading list.

Instapaper already publishes a RSS feed with my these articles, so everything I need from Careers 2.0 is to be able to import from RSS.

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This is a feature request for Careers (that is, that Careers support importing RSS feeds). It is therefore on-topic. I'm not sure why it's garnered 2 off-topic votes. – Kevin Vermeer Jul 25 '12 at 23:57

GoodReads and/or Shelfari integration to reading will be great feature addition.

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Goodreads was deemed "not suitable" according to this answer: GoodReads integration?, but I would love goodreads import functionality as well. Goodreads already categorizes books based on Genre, maing it easy to scope the importing of books to:

I'd prefer it to be a One-off import a-la GitHub where the list of books not yet imported is shown and where I can then bulk-import them. Books skipped could be placed on a "not imported" list for future imports, but that would be "extra". being able to add "Science Fiction" as a category, because one wants to show off their Star-Wars Comic addiction may be a next step ;).

Importing from Books24x7 and Safari Bookshelf would make sense from a reading public perspective as well.

I personally do not want to manually search and add books on multiple sites.

As a platform, Goodreads is a good match for StackExchange, being community driven, self-organizing and with a large group of volunteers that keep things tidy, called Librarians. Most of my IT friends are actively using Goodreads, I'd say at least 60% of 'm.

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