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When I look at my user page, it sometimes says that I have 7 accounts. When I click on the "Accounts" link, it shows only 6 accounts, and the number displayed is updated to 6.

I suspect that this is due to my participation in the private beta of the Machine Learning StackExchange. That would be the missing 7th account.

According to this answer by Mark Trapp, the private beta account should be visible.
OTOH, it's also said by Nick Craver that there is no point in showing a link to one's user page on a private beta site, as only other participants of the private beta could use it. But, I don't see my Machine Learning account on my user page for Machine Learning itself, either.

It may be relevant that I have not yet posted a question or answer on the main site of MachineLearning SE.

Should my user page display my account in a private beta site, or not?
Also, does the different number (6 accounts / 7 accounts) indicate a bug, or is it just a caching issue?

When I expand the "accounts", I now see my Machine Learning account instead of my Area 51 account...? Despite the facts that

  • My reputation score on Area 51 is higher than my reputation score on Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning is still in private beta.
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