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As a 20k rep user, I can vote to delete questions, but I can't vote to delete my own questions.

For example, Do you trust code that works the first time? should be deleted, it doesn't belong on Stack Overflow.

I understand and am fine with not being able to one-click delete it since it has upvoted answers, but I should be able to cast a delete vote for it.

In other words, the rules that prevent one-click deletion by the owner should not supersede the vote-to-delete rules one has for normal posts.

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2 more votes to go... – Adam Rackis Feb 10 '12 at 17:13
Out of curiosity I wanted to know how isolated this is. I wrote this query Closed Questions asked by user with the Trusted Privledge – Some Helpful Commenter Feb 10 '12 at 17:25

I agree with you totally. Not that I am a 20k+ rep owner. I think that if someone knows that he had asked the wrong question, he should be allowed to delete it. But it really has to be earned or it could be a problem for the community.

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