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When I click to edit a post on mobile, there is a drop down list of previous edits at the top. However, it does not seem as though it does anything.

Is this just for informational use, or is it broken?

I am using a Verizon Droid Pro, Android 2.3.3; Android Browser or Dolphin HD behave the same.

I can edit fine; just rollback does not work. Choosing any item in the dropdown has no effect at all; if no edits are submitted, nothing is edited. If edits are submitted, they are applied.

Oooh, I just earned my very first Tumbleweed badge from this. I didn't mean to, though. Honest!

Incidentally; I just tried it out on Firefox in the mobile view, and the same behavior prevails. So it doesn't seem like it's the browser.

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Repro on mobile safari on your post (note I do not have edit privilege on meta, though) - drop down, select a version - nothing changes. –  jrturton Feb 18 '12 at 11:49

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