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The link button in the post editor incorrectly escapes square brackets in inline code.

To reproduce:

  • Write the following MarkDown in the editor

    text text `function[]` text text
  • Select `function[]`, press the link button (link button), and enter some link

  • the result will be [`function\[\]`][1] which renders as function\[\]

This comes up very often in Mathematica-related posts when I'm linking to the documentation because the usual way to indicate that a symbol is a function in Mathematica is adding [] after it.

This is a minor thing, as it's easy to manually remove the backslashes, but it's somewhat annoying so I thought I'd mention it.

Edit by Mr.Wizard
It is September 2013 and this still hasn't been fixed. While "adding [] after it" is not presently the custom on Mathematica.SE this is still a bug and still needs to be fixed.

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I avoid this by not including the [] :) However, the few times that I have included, it has not been a problem for me because I never use the link button. If you enter your links by hand (like I do) as: [`foo[]`](url), then it works perfectly fine... – Lorem Ipsum Feb 14 '12 at 15:55
@yoda I wasn't really asking for a workaround (there are many), just wanted to make sure the problem was registered. I don't like [...](...) style links (too long and distracting when editing), so I use CTRL-L, which is the same as the link button. – Szabolcs Feb 14 '12 at 16:03

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