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In the title of my Activity -> Reviews tab is my total review count. Currently:

306 Reviews

However, looking at my most recent suggested edit approval, my approve/reject counts are:

Rob Hruska approved 223 edit suggestions, and rejected 96 edit suggestions.

Which add up to 319.

Why is there a difference between these two numbers? Pointed out by lunboks here

This is tangential to this question, since I don't know which number (if either) applies to the proofreader/reviewer badges.

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The count on your stats is an overall count, that's how many actions you had total...we don't want that going down when something happens to the post.

The count on your activity tab (as with everything there) is for non-deleted posts, that's a filter that's not applied to other overall stat on the suggested edit summary section.

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That makes sense, but is a bit inconsistent with tag wikis. If those end up deleted, they still show up in the activity tab as a suggested edit on "", or "orphan tag wiki", depending on where you look. – a cat Feb 15 '12 at 15:22
Good to know. Thank you for clarifying. – Rob Hruska Feb 15 '12 at 16:26

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