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I started here: Compound primary key in Table type variable

Then I decided to upvote the answer, and clicked the "login or register" link in the pop up and logged in via Google.

I got back to Compound primary key in Table type variable then got immediately redirected on to

More Primary / Auto-adding unique IDs per one table in MySQL?

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This was the top "related" post, so it is possible I clicked it, but I'm not aware of doing so, or even having my mouse in that portion of the page. – Roger Willcocks Feb 16 '12 at 22:30

Here's what our http logs show:

CreationDate             Resp  Meth  Uri
2012-02-16 22:21:44.097  302   GET   /users/authenticate  --where you came back from google
2012-02-16 22:21:44.097  200   GET   /questions/1420897/compound-primary-key-in-table-type-variable
2012-02-16 22:21:44.420  200   GET   /questions/613386/more-primary-auto-adding-unique-ids-per-one-table-in-mysql

The 200 response on the first question means that your comment is probably true: you accidentally clicked the top related post.

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