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The following whitespace tags should all be synonymized/merged:

× 757
× 219
× 66

The following should be considered:

× 303
× 155

These two tags tend to allude to spacing between HTML elements, or objects whether it be related to graphics or otherwise. Most often when tagged along with CSS or HTML, it is meant to refer to either padding or margin, depending on context. In most other cases, these two are use meta-like. I think (which in a few cases is also used to refer to outer space) should be synonymized, and should be destroyed to avoid confusion, as it is a very general term that applies to a very wide range of things.

Also, we could possibly consider these two:

× 23
× 13

These tags appear a bit meta-like and should be explained in the context of the post. It's not really a good "category" in terms of tags. It should be a synonym so that it doesn't get recreated later.

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I'd see whitespace and html-spacing as the major tags, with nbsp destroyed. I don't think it should be synonymized as it's not clear anything matches, and it can be blacklisted if it needs to be prevented from coming back. – Matthew Read Feb 19 '12 at 3:51
So much whitespace. Gotta see it all. – Ben Brocka Feb 19 '12 at 5:00
Some of those nbsp questions might be good candidates for html-entities instead. – Charles Feb 19 '12 at 5:19