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Merge into .

Google tends to write it out, so we should too.

For example they don't use the NaCl abbreviation on their SDK page at all:

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But I like salt. – asteri Jan 11 '13 at 15:32
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I, with the help of a "friend", took the liberty of retagging the remaining 66 questions with the tags. In fact, troggy told me really liked this meal, saying it was quite salty!

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I agree. They are obviously the same thing and it is spelt out more often than not. See code site...

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Yes, the tag should be merged into , because the user can't even understand what the meaning of 'nacl'!

The first time I saw this tag, I read it as google sodium chloride, but that's not what it is, is it?

Please, let's merge it and minimize the ambiguity to users, and enhance the user experience on the site.

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Er… just read the tag wiki? – Ryan O'Hara Mar 12 '13 at 17:43
The misspellings of "enhance" and "can't" specifically @Richard. I'm sorry, I didn't actually mean to uncheck that box as it was a really good edit. I do it as a matter of course on SO whenever I have to correct words that are underlined in red and muscle memory seems to have taken over.. – ben is uǝq backwards Mar 18 '13 at 21:09

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