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Allow linking to named anchors

How can I add a hyperlink to some <a name="foo"> on current page?

The page link is


One answer on that page has link


I want to refer to that answer, and try to add a hyperlink as

[that anwser](#31985)

Sadly it doesn't work until I change it to

[that anwser](http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/31863/blabla#31985)

But the latter one need to reload the whole page.

So what should I write to make a hyperlink to a <a name="31985">

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Unfortunately, you can't. The Markdown only matches to links that begin with http:// or ftp:// (I think those are the only two) so there's no way you could use a same-page ID marker. Any link not matching merely gets removed.

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