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This expands off of this other question by me about orphaned tag wiki edits still existing in the suggested edit queue. Today, I also noticed this edit:

Edit to deleted post

This edit was made on a post which was subsequently voluntarily removed by its author. Hence, the Improve button has been removed. Additionally, the permalink to the left links to a "Page Not Found" which also isn't very useful (does it do that for 10k users too?).

When the post that a suggested edit belongs too gets deleted, so should the suggested edit. The edit gets deleted in all other aspects, since the permalink doesn't even work, but why does it still display in the suggested edit queue?

To tie into the previous issue (linked at the beginning), this should also apply to suggested edits which are made on a tag wiki which is subsequently deleted.

Note: Wasn't sure whether to mark this as a feature request or bug.

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Deletions are reversible, so whatever mechanism you employ here should be reversible also. – Robert Harvey Feb 27 '12 at 22:04

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