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I think I've found about three bugs so far in the new reputation page. First:

Go to the Robert's reputation tab and look on 25th February. You'll see he received one point for a deleted post.

There are two possibilities:

  • Robert just got a point for deleting a post
  • Robert downvoted a person which then deleted his post (which is unnacceptable, because downvotes are private)

Second, just a typo:

I have downvoted a question. It now says, in my tab, "downvote". Shouldn't it be "downvoted"?


Sometimes*, when showing details about a given day, there aren't arrows to expand post votes (maybe a protection against overhead?) (example on this page)

maybe protection against overhead

*It only spawns the expand arrows for the first day that you open..

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All of these are being fixed for a build deploying shortly. – Nick Craver Feb 27 '12 at 22:29
@NickCraver: So the last one was a bug, too ? Could you be more descriptive about that one, please? – Martin. Feb 27 '12 at 22:44
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These are now fixed:

  1. These are now hidden, we did not intend to expose downvote activity in this way.
  2. This was a typo, it'll say "downvoted" or "undownvoted" now.
  3. This was a JS bug (actually an old one) that was not using a recursive callback for future loads...this will get a total refactor later, but it works for now.
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So ajax response was correct but callback function did something wrong? – Martin. Feb 27 '12 at 22:57

To expand on point three, it only shows arrows for the first day that you expand.

For example, on Nick Craver's profile, if I expand Feb 24 then Feb 23, only arrows are shown for Feb 24.

Example 1

If I then reload the page and expand Feb 23 then Feb 24, only arrows are shown for Feb 23.

Example 2

All the automatically opened days always have the arrows.

I also noticed that if you expand an arrow inside one of the open days instead, then expanding any other day does not show arrows either.

Example 3

it appears to be linked to the first expand event.

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