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I am very sure this is the first time I ask for the burnination (is that the noun?) of anything, and it's my first time on meta, but I think I'd like to suggest that be burninated and subsequently blacklisted.

I came across it working my way through old questions related to suffix arrays and suffix trees, and there are great tags for these. But 'suffix' alone is obviously extremely ambiguous. If you look at the 34 active questions tagged 'suffix', you'll see anything from suffix array to linguistic suffixes, to file extensions, to errors messages containing the word suffix, to am and pm and much more.

So I don't think it benefits anyone, and I volunteer for doing the retagging where necessary.

(And yes, there are probably similar issues with , but that might deserve a separate discussion.)

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Although I never got a reply to this, it turns out the tag has been removed (burninated I guess). –  jogojapan Jun 20 '12 at 5:10

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