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Right now I have a very simple .txt file I'm using to keep track of applicants. I really wish I could just put all the applicant stuff into one spot. I'd like a very simple system that lets me add weighted pros/cons to applicants as I go through interviews and screening stages with them.

For example, I have a simple system:

I have three lists: rejected, screened, pending review.

Screened applicants enter the interview stage where I create a weighted pro/con list such as...

John Doe
3+Sounds like he knows what he's talking about
2-Never seen a single line of code from this guy...

John Smith
4+Actually solved problem
3-Sloppy code {
               -Define() use.
               -Mixed tabs and spaces
               -Define used as global constant
               -OOP example was weird.
               -Both have wrong answer
               -Both are just really using loops


Having a single place to keep notes alone as raw text would be great, having a feature that lets me aggregate and helps me evaluate them would be nicer.

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Notes can now be stored with candidates using the candidate manager. Once you save a candidates from search, you can now save any notes you'd like to their candidate card. You can also create a summary of each candidate for a quick reference in the candidate manager list view.

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+1 I don't suppose my request is anywhere on your development queue? FWIW I'd be more than willing to pay good money for a "pro" careers account that had features like this. – Adam Rackis Jan 23 '13 at 3:32
@AdamRackis I honestly can't say much more than it's not on the schedule this week. The feature I am currently working on is job seeker focused but not related to developer profiles. – Nick Larsen Jan 23 '13 at 3:52

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