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The FAQ section for the wiki edit privilege is wrong:

It says that it takes 30 posts to make a question automatically a community wiki. It's 15, not 30. I didn't know where else I was supposed to put this (it's not something that I can edit).

(This also effects superuser)

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shipping this to so I can track it – waffles Mar 2 '12 at 0:41

Yes they are editable, but only from the main site. We then sync the information to the rest of the sites.

To fully fix this we are going to need to add a mechanism for extended config variable replacements before baking the markdown. So the markdown reads: a question generates more that **$EditsTillWiki** or something along those lines.

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We've since adopted a new system based on help center which allows easy per-site customization. Sam's answer is therefore now obsolete.

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