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Since StackExchange profiles are frequently referenced by resumes, CVs, and personal websites, it would be nice if I could pick what answers I have given that I am most proud of. That way recruiters can quickly get an idea of relevant knowledge and skills.

I could then pick answers that are representative or different areas of knowledge that I want to brag about.

So, why not?

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This is exactly what your Careers profile is for, and it allows for this. – Michael Pryor Mar 3 '12 at 17:08
@MichaelPryor - If you have one. With it being invite only these days, not everyone can get an invite. – Oded Mar 3 '12 at 19:53

The About Me section of the profile is the right place for these.

If you want to add a section about the answers you are most proud of, do that in this section - it is free form markdown/HTML.

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In addition to what Oded mentioned, you can also select your Top Answers from across the network on your Careers profile, if you have one. Since your Careers profile is structed to be used as a sort of CV, it might be more useful for technical job applications than just your Stack Exchange profile alone.

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