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There's something odd with this post that's current showing in the flag queue to 10K users.

enter image description here

It's deleted but I'm still seeing the flag which is odd given it was deleted two days ago. It doesn't look like it's a case of the usual "deleted whilst I was reading" scenario.

Furthermore the post itself shows no evidence of who deleted it. Usually for deleted questions it shows this, even for self-deletes.

  1. Is this intentional that 10K users can see this flag? There doesn't seem to be anything useful I can do with a flag like that on a closed question. I can't vote or vote to close and without knowing who deleted it salvaging edits are out too.
  2. Why doesn't it show who deleted it? Is it the auto-deletion process for low scored unanswered questions? If yes shouldn't that indicate the source of the deletion (Community ♦?) and clear the pending close flags?
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@Oded - 48 hours worth of aggressive? – Flexo Mar 12 '12 at 21:12
We've got the same issue in the mod queue. I bet this is a dupe, but I don't want to hunt it down. I don't consider it a bug, but a FR to stop doing that. – Won't Mar 13 '12 at 14:35
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10k users were seeing all posts with moderator flags on them, whether they were deleted or not.

Next build corrects this issue, so you shouldn't be seeing deleted posts on the 10k tools unless you are a moderator.

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