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Possible Duplicate:
Why does StackOverflow make you wait 2-x minutes before you can accept an answer?

I am kind of new to SO. Initially, when I was posting some questions, to which answers came ridiculously fast, not sure, how they did that. But, I wanted to accept the solution, and then it said You have to wait 10 more minutes or something like that.

Then, I waited, then another solution came to the page posted by another super-user. But, looked like he paid a lot of attention to detail in posting the answer/reply/solution.

The first one solved my question and I felt that since the first user answered first, I selected his answer, But, I feel bad for the super-user who took so much of his valuable time to post the solution to the answer. I felt like if I can select the answer right away, I didn't have to feel bad and think about who posted the fastest solution or best solution. Am I the only one with this dilemma?

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First off, you can upvote as many answers as you want. You should accept the answer that you feel best helped you. – Oded Mar 12 '12 at 21:30
possible duplicate of Why does StackOverflow make you wait 2-x minutes before you can accept an answer? Also see this feature request proposing that the current system change, and this feature request, which added the wait time. – Cody Gray Mar 13 '12 at 4:50
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Not sure what you are asking here, but I will try to answer the different points.

The reason there is a time limit is to ensure that more answers can be considered, as there can be other, more considered and thoughtful answers coming after the first ones. See Solving the "Fastest gun in the west" problem for details about this.

As for who you should select - you should select the answer that best helped you with your question. Not the fastest one, not the longest one, not the most researched one - the one that helped you most.

You can always upvote all the answers that you feel deserve it.

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That dilemma is the point of the wait. People should have the chance to post a better answer than the others for a while, so you can then choose the best answer to accept.

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It's to give everyone a chance to post a better answer than this one. :-P

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