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Suggested tag wiki edit with no changes at all

This suggested edit shows only

4 identical lines skipped

Now this happened before, but the problem now is that the side-by-side rendering option has disappeared too:

No side-by-side rendering, only diff

so there's no way for me to see any changes. (I'm tempted to reject as 'too minor' anyway.)

Snuck-in-feature-suggestion: could we have the 'identical lines skipped' clickable and become a whitespace-sensitive diff, or whatever's necessary to make it actually show some changes? As it stands there's no way for me to actually look at the mark-up here for a tag wiki edit, at least at my level of rep.

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Is there any case where one of these edits wouldn't be rejected by a reviewer?

It seems to me the best approach would be to just have the system auto-reject them.

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Probably - or refuse to accept them as edits in the first place. (But I meant this question to be about the missing view-current-post button from the review interface.) – Rup Mar 14 '12 at 16:03
@Rup - Yeah, my intention wasn't to hijack your topic; I had kind of merged yours and your referenced (existing) question in my mind. If we auto-reject or disallow these types of edits, it's likely that both issues would be resolved, though. – Rob Hruska Mar 14 '12 at 16:07

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