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I've seen a number of cases when questions have been migrated from one site to another (SO-->SF, SO-->SU etc).

If the original asker doesn't have an account on the site to which the question has been migrated, he basically loses track of the question. This is especially true of questions that are migrated to SU which still needs a password having to do with The Return of the Jedi.

I suggest that once you have an account on one of the sites, you should also have an account in each of the sister sites so that you can easily keep track of all your questions that have been migrated.

Edit: I know you can link the accounts. I just think this should be automatic in order to reduce friction.

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I think this is covered in this question -… - though there hasn't been an announcement about the fix – ChrisF Aug 5 '09 at 10:06

This isn't possible if you're using Google's OpenID, as it uses a hash of the user's account and the identity of the requesting site to produce identity tokens. As such, your Google OpenID information is different on each site. The linked accounts system gets around this by having you log in separately with each site, thus establishing what your identity token is on the other domain.

I could see this being fixable if all the SO family sites proxied through an intermediate site to do authentication, but that won't help with accounts which already exist (indeed, it would render them unable to login).

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Totally agree.

I think that at the first visit on a sister site, a users must activate the account in order to disable phantom users from being a community members.

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Aren't accounts at the destination site already created in waiting when questions are migrated? (Or was that a misunderstanding and reading an answer here on Meta that doesn't exist?)

Tried associating your accounts?

There's a bonus in it for you if you do and have enough rep to juice.

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