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Anyone remember when it was?

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The data dump would be able to tell you that. –  jjnguy Aug 5 '09 at 14:07
This leads to the follow-up: When the hell am I getting Fanatic?! –  Eric Aug 5 '09 at 14:13
@Eric, I believe the first Fanatic badges will begin going out on or about September 3, 2009 –  Timothy Carter Aug 5 '09 at 14:17
And I'm going to be on vacation for the two weeks preceding that date. sob –  mmyers Aug 5 '09 at 14:27
I am gonna have to wait until winter to get my fanatic badge...Too many vacations this summer. –  jjnguy Aug 5 '09 at 14:41

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Well using the query:

select Date from badges where name = 'Enthusiast' and userid = 2598

(I don't actually know sql btw)

I found that my badge was awarded on '1246043556', or 'GMT: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 19:12:36 GMT'.

Anyone know how to convert that to a pretty time stamp?

Thanks to http://www.epochconverter.com/

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I believe June 26. Also, the initial announcement was on May 26.

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