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I'm asking since I was just trying to tag my own question and couldn't figure out which one I should be using. Is one supposed to be the CSS attribute and the other a more general tag? It's unclear to me. has 209 questions, and has 301.

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No, they're the same. It seems that a lot of people are hypen-averse when it comes to tags. There are a lot of duplicates created this way, and there should probably be a better way of handling them than manual merges each time. –  Cody Gray Mar 21 '12 at 2:18
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1 Answer

The tags should be merged as they are really referring to the same thing. I prefer , but I don't find any difference between using one or the other.

Nowadays, it would not be possible to create , when there is already . For example, if you try to create , you get the following dialog when you click on the "Save Edits" button.


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