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Edit: As Tim points out in a comment, what I thought was a bug is actually a "feature".

It looks like the list of questions you earn reputation against in the user activity summary drop down is actually an aggregated list of reputation earned against questions in the last month ordered by last earned reputation. To me this is a pretty confusing representation and it also makes it impossible to correlate the reputation in the top table (today, week, month) to actual questions. I.e. if I earn 30 points "today", but the top item is +30, I can't tell if that was all today, or if it was +10 today and the next item down was the other +20.

Also confusing is that this is different again to what's on the User Summary tab, which appears to do a similar roll up, but on a different interval (or over a different number of questions?). For me, as per the screenshot below, the top four questions in the activity drop down have +10, +40, +20, +10, but on the User Summary tab it's the same four questions but with +5, +30, +10, +10.

Feature request: Make all the reputation earned lists the same as what appears on the Reputation tab (i.e. a simple chronological list of the last X chunks of reputation earned) so that they are consistent and therefore less confusing.

Original post:

Just noticed a minor bug in the user reputation summary drop down thingy at the top of the page. Seems to be reporting question upvotes as +10 instead of +5.

1000 words:

+10 = 5

Appears correctly on summary & reputation tabs of the actual user screen.

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Might just be a roll-up with the other up vote you received on the 13th, but I'm not sure how the timing works on that list. – Tim Stone Mar 29 '12 at 0:05
@TimStone - Good catch. I think you're right. I was thinking the list of +XX reputation was chronological like the other representations in the users page, but it looks like it may be a monthly aggregate ordered by last rep received... a little confusing to say the least. I'll edit to change this to a feature request then. :) – Alconja Mar 29 '12 at 0:16

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